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The community of practice- focused experts

 Expert Group is a rapidly growing community of professionals who have gained experience in practice, implementing their own business projects.


  Community idea arose when we are faced with the fact that a narrow specialist, successfully solving problems within their competence, negative impact on other business processes. For example, if the direction to enhance the advertising, then sales can not cope with incoming customer traffic that does not give the desired effect. Moreover, customers who have not received adequate attention may go to competitors!


 A global vision of business processes in the relationship allows us to offer a comprehensive approach to solving our customers and to choose the optimal structure of experts.


 The expert group is replenished daily owners and managers of projects implemented with our participation.

Business areas: 

from ''A'' to ''Z''

Why Expert Group may implement any project? Because 90% of the success of a business depends on the quality of construction of the basic structure, and only 10% of its specificity.


  At the first stage we reconstruct accurate work core business processes, and then connect the narrow specialists particular industry.


  Under the basic business processes we understand the elements without which business can not exist. This production (or purchases), promotion (advertising and marketing) and sales. These elements have each business, and the main task is to set them up. The main instruments are setting planning and control.


  Therefore sphere of activity Expert Group by definition can not be limited by a particular branch of the project only if it does not bring harm to the pandas.



Problems should be solved on a deeper level,

                                                                              than at  level they occur.





The main instrument of our work is coaching. Coaching allows you to change the attitude of our customer management process using their own conclusions.


  The essence of coaching is to unlock the potential client, manager, owner or project manager, helping to find their own answers to the questions, in order to maximize personal effectiveness.

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Вступай в группу Вконтакте!
Вступай в группу Вконтакте!
Вступай в группу Вконтакте!
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Наша группа в Linked In
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